Who we work for

We cooperate with neatly selected clients, who share our philosophy

We provide PR services for e-shops and companies, which offer solutions for e-commerce sector.


We develop and implement strategy, that creates a star from completely unknown businesses!


We suggest smart, effective services for companies, that do not have a fortune to spend.

Our services


  • Auditing the existing communication
  • Eliminating ineffective actions
  • Extracting brand’s essence
  • Reaching non-obvious needs of the target group
  • Developing internal PR procedures


  • Developing the key message of the company
  • Defining communication objectives and ways to achieve them
  • Preparing an action plan and choosing the optimal tools
  • Making up some creative ideas


  • Helping to appear in the media in a thoughtful way
  • Writing appealing press releases and product descriptions
  • Preparing expert comments on behalf of the clients
  • Arranging meetings and interviews
  • Establishing business and media partnerships


  • Writing corporate blogs
  • Writing as ghostwriters
  • Creating websites with practical guides
  • Developing content for flyers, newsletters, presentations
  • Managing social media profiles
  • Preparing texts for content marketing needs

Check out how Profeina works!

How We Work

Quality not quantity. 100% Commitment!
We stimulate media until we get decent media coverage

Profeina is a Communication and PR Boutique established in 2011 by Magdalena Górak. Over the last few years one-woman business has developed itself into a creative, highly trained team of communication specialists.

We offer Public Relations services for small and medium-sized enterprises, which are not widely recognized yet. We specialize in internet, innovative and e-commerce businesses. We have gained experience in conducting clever and - most of all - effective activities and campaigns.

We have launched up-and-coming brands on the market, enabling them to come into being in media and helping to start their cooperation with significant industry associations. We help our clients in building up their industry expert position.

Communication strategy is the apple of our eye. We elaborate it with our client during workshops based on our own methodology. Thanks to the comprehensive strategy built at the very beginning, we present not only coherent document, but also definite ‘roadmap’, which we consistently implement. Our methodical approach makes our results so outstanding.

We are not afraid of complicated topics!

  • Our Own Methodology

    Coherent brands' strategy matters. That's why we begin our cooperation with a workshop conducted according to our methodology.

  • Smartness & Consistency

    After developing the strategy, we efficiently implement it. We do it smartly. We communicate brands in such a way, that both clients and media are delighted.

  • Creativity

    We are open-minded and draw the inspiration from many sources. Our associations are sometimes very distant from core of the brand. Journalists truly appreciate our work.

  • Commitment

    We are just eager to work! We take initiative and truly care about our clients.


Our Team

8 people's minds are better than one. We are good at fin-tech, sharing economy, diets and... hybrid clouds!
Magdalena Górak
The Boss
The maker, who is still managing Profeina Agency. Strategist and creative person all in one. The author of strategy workshops methodology and all other procedures occurring in Profeina. Her presence happen to be a key factor during crisis situations. Without a clear need she tries not to meddle in her team’s work. She used to be “Newsweek Poland” special issues author , editor of the Internet portals and PR manager at Artegence interactive agency.
Zuzanna Szybisty
Great PR Executive
Mostly focused on lifestyle and personal finances areas. She prepares communication strategies for new clients, writes articles for them (ghost writer), draws reports, initiate editorial cooperation with media, arranges interviews. She keeps good relationships with journalists. In Profeina Agency since 2011. Before then she used to be editor in one of the biggest Polish news portal, Gazeta.pl.
Maja Baczyńska
Full Engagement Specialist
Working for Profeina since 2012. Mostly she works for clients from technological and lifestyle sector. One of the person behind the great BlaBlaCar recognition in Poland. She is responsible for writing press releases, expert articles and dedicated texts, as well as keeping in touch with journalists and arranging meetings or interviews with them for her clients.
Maria Wagner
Image Consultant (as you might have spotted)
PR specialist in charge of operating with clients on a daily basis in PR, Social Media and buzz marketing areas. In Profeina Agency usually focused on consumers topics, such as healthy lifestyle (which is her cup of tea.) Being a Polish Studies graduate, she is the main proofreader in the Agency.
Michal Rakowski
Typical PR guy
Responsible for media relations: he arranges interviews, writes press releases and dedicated articles. He learns Public Relations both as a practitioner (having experience as an account in PR/marketing) and as a scholar. He has degree in Sociology & PR (AGH University), has been studying in England and at University of Warsaw (currently.) He works for the clients from abroad (services in English.) He used to work as a journalist in “Dziennik Polski” (“Polish Daily”.)
Anna Małuch
High ROI Specialist
Before working for Profeina, Anna used to work as a journalist (“Press” media industry magazine e.g.) and copywriter. In Profeina she’s in charge of client’s PR and Social Media, contributing in preparing communication strategy for them, too. She also writes press-releases, dedicated articles, contacts media, arranges interviews and keeps good relationships with journalists. Enthusiast of Snapchat and new technologies.
Anna Skibicka
Specjalistka ds. ŁAŁ
Jedna z nowszych w Profeinie. Do zespołu dołączyła w czerwcu 2016. Obsługuje głównie Klientów z sektora B2B. Buduje i egzekwuje strategie PR, prowadzi tradycyjne media relations, działa jako ghostwriter i aranżuje wywiady oraz udział w konferencjach. Lubi opowiadać o rzeczach, o których trudno opowiedzieć. Zwłaszcza innowacyjnych. A zwłaszcza technologicznych. Ma kilkuletnie doświadczenie w rozwoju produktów, analizie rynku i komunikacji marketingowej. Ciężko wyznać, ale zaczynała w magazynie akwarystyczno-terrarystycznym, gdzie podczas wywiadów karmiono kobry królewskie. Dziś nie boi się już niczego.

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