Our focus

We work with ambitious brands that want to succeed in Poland and/or abroad.

We offer PR services to local and global tech companies. New technologies, IT, ecommerce, fintech are our specialties.


We build a believable and positive brand image, and increase good reputation of the company in its business environment.


We develop and implement strategy, that creates a star from completely unknown businesses!

Our services


  • Auditing existing communication
  • Eliminating ineffective actions
  • Extracting brand’s essence
  • Discovering non-obvious needs of the target group
  • Developing internal PR procedures


  • Developing the key message of the company
  • Defining communication objectives and ways to achieve them
  • Preparing an action plan and choosing the optimal tools
  • Forging creative ideas


  • Helping brands reach new, global markets thanks to our partners in Enterie network
  • Writing appealing press releases and product descriptions
  • Preparing expert comments on behalf of the clients
  • Arranging meetings and interviews
  • Establishing business and media partnerships


  • Creating content and white hat SEO strategies
  • Creating content for client's own websites (blogs, landing pages)
  • Coordinating content marketing activities
  • Working on content outreach and link building
  • Running social media profiles and campaigns

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Our methods

Quality not quantity. 100% Commitment!
We deliver.

Profeina is a communications and PR boutique founded by Magdalena Górak in 2011. Today it is created by a small and experienced team. We offer public relations services for mostly small and medium enterprises, that are not yet known to general public. We are specialized in online, innovative and e-commerce companies. We have experience in clever and, most of all, effective actions.

Profeina is a PR agency for startups. We are introducing new brands to markets, help them get noticed in the media, and create relations in market institutions. We help build a market expert position.

Our crown jewel is a communications strategy, that we customarily create together with a client, during our original workshop. Thanks to it, we create not only a coherent document, but also a concrete action plan, that we consistently introduce. Thanks to our methodical approach, we have outstanding results.

We are not afraid of difficult topics!

  • PR abroad

    We make entrance to the foreign markets possible, thanks to our partner agencies gathered under Enterie brand

  • Smartness & Consistency

    After developing the strategy, we efficiently implement it. We do it smartly. We communicate brands in such a way, that both clients and media are delighted.

  • Creativity

    Mamy kreatywne zacięcie i otwarte umysły. Czerpiemy inspiracje z wielu źródeł, często bardzo odległych od rdzenia danej marki. Dziennikarze cenią nasze materiały.

  • Commitment

    We are just eager to work! We take initiative and truly care about our clients.

Scale up your brand — go global

Our Team

We are specialists when it comes to enterprise, fintech, hybrid cloud and much more!
Magdalena Górak
The Boss
The maker, who is still managing Profeina Agency. Strategist and creative person all in one. The author of strategy workshops methodology and all other procedures occurring in Profeina. Her presence happen to be a key factor during crisis situations. Without a clear need she tries not to meddle in her team’s work. She used to be “Newsweek Poland” special issues author , editor of the Internet portals and PR manager at Artegence interactive agency.
Zuzanna Szybisty
Great PR Executive
Co-manager for Profeina agency and cofounder of Briefly. She specializes in communicating startups, fintech and technology companies. SEO and content marketing expert. She coordinates the consultant work. Earlier, a journalist and an editor. Warsaw University Philosophy and Polish Reportage School.
Maria Wagner
COO and Senior Account Manager. She takes care of documents, employees, office, and sometimes even other board members. Experienced in working with new technology and e-commerce clients, but also well-versed in consumer and lifestyle topics. In Profeina from 2013.
Michal Rakowski
Typical PR guy
He’s introduced new brands into the market (some globally.) Michal takes care of mobile apps, startups, lifestyle and tech sector PR. Keen on relevant communication. He’s dreamt about becoming a PR pro (since he was a teenager) and is educated in that field. In Profeina since 2014. Before joining us – gained experience in journalism, NGO and marketing.
Bartek Przybysz vel Przybyszewski
Internal Influencer
He can talk, write, and even edit films. On first name terms with YouTubers and bloggers. A future film expert who does not leave the cinema (when they are not closed). Author of an interview with Krzysztof Gonciarz. On Facebook he runs the “Numerous stab wounds” blog.
Bartosz Dąbrowski
Content Ontologist
PR specialist and copywriter, but with journalistic approach. Although he says no, he really enjoys numbers. In his new technology materials, he lists data like Katie Melua does with Beijing bicycles. The expert and researcher of George Orwell works.
Grzegorz Dziegielewski
Astonishment Distributor
He regularly manages to fire new press releases like a machine gun. As a communications consultant he creates conent and runs media relations for e-commerce and B2B clients. He is an experienced PR specialist, as well as a travel journalist for „Podróże” magazine and an editor for Podroze.pl portal, where he ran a column on new technologies.

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