Our focus

We work with ambitious brands that want to succeed in Poland and/or abroad.

We offer PR services to local and global tech companies. New technologies, IT, ecommerce, fintech are our specialties.


We skilfully introduce brands to new markets – in Poland and abroad.


As an environmentally sensitive company, we are keen to work for projects in the area of green transformation.

Our services


  • We prepare expert studies, such as industry reports
  • We maintain social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok
  • SEO PR: we create content that is accessible to readers and Google alorithms
  • We organise webinars
  • We produce podcasts
  • We prepare newsletters
  • We create graphics, infographics, animations, and videos


  • We arrange free, paid and barter collaborations with media and influencers
  • VC PR - we support companies in building value
  • We offer CEO PR and personal branding for brand experts
  • We arrange interviews in the media, podcasts & blogs
  • Thought leadership - we arrange expert commentaries
  • We analyze media discussions, monitor traditional and social media

Global reach

  • We select cooperation partners abroad
  • We conduct PR campaigns abroad (in over 80 countries)
  • We create valuable content in local languages
  • We support Polish brands in entering foreign markets
  • Establishing business and media partnerships
  • We support foreign brands in entering the Polish market


  • We analyze the activities of the competition
  • We audit your communication against your competitors
  • We identify EVPs
  • We map and arrange cooperation with event organizers
  • We develop the research concept and coordinate its implementation
  • We conduct strategic workshops, prepare a communication strategy
  • We advise on how to prevent and manage crisis situations
  • We support in non-financial reporting (ESG)

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Our methods

Consequence. Wisdom. Flexibility. Efficiency
We have skills and willingness to work

Profeina is a Warsaw-based PR agency founded in 2011, which today is co-created by a close-knit and experienced team of a dozen people.

We offer public relations services mainly to B2B entities in the technology, fintech, ecommerce, VC and green transformation industries.

Profeina serves clients on the Polish market and - thanks to the Enterie network - also on foreign markets in Europe, the Middle East, the USA and Africa.

The agency provides consulting and PR services to Polish and foreign companies planning to enter the Polish market or go abroad.

  • Specialisation

    We have been working for companies in the new technology, IT, fintech, ecommerce and VC industries for more than a dozen years. We also have the experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to work in the area of sustainable development and green transformation

  • Quality and outcome

    We know how to create compelling content and materials valued by experts, media and influencers, which translates into our results. Clients work with us for years.

  • People

    We form a team of dedicated and experienced professionals who know your industry. They have broad horizons that allow them to see more and advise better.

  • Responsibilty

    We are a socially responsible company - we care not only about our clients, but also about our employees, their rights and the environment.

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Our Team

We are familiar with finance, hybrid clouds and clean transportation zones....
Magdalena Górak
The Boss
The maker, who is still managing Profeina Agency. Strategist and creative person all in one. The author of strategy workshops methodology and all other procedures occurring in Profeina. Her presence happen to be a key factor during crisis situations. Without a clear need she tries not to meddle in her team’s work. She used to be “Newsweek Poland” special issues author , editor of the Internet portals and PR manager at Artegence interactive agency.
Zuzanna Szybisty
Co-manager of the Profeina agency, creator and coordinator of PR and public affairs campaigns. Lobbyist for green transformation. Member of the Parents for Climate movement. Previously a journalist and editor. Graduate of philosophy at the University of Warsaw and the Polish School of Reportage.
Maria Wagner
Madam Director
COO and Senior Account Manager. She takes care of documents, employees, office, and sometimes even other board members. Experienced in working with new technology and e-commerce clients, but also well-versed in consumer and lifestyle topics. In Profeina from 2013.
Michal Rakowski
Typical PR guy
He’s introduced new brands into the market (some globally.) Michal takes care of mobile apps, startups, lifestyle and tech sector PR. Keen on relevant communication. He’s dreamt about becoming a PR pro (since he was a teenager) and is educated in that field. In Profeina since 2014. Before joining us – gained experience in journalism, NGO and marketing.
Karolina Bartnik-Kura
Deadline Manager
She came to Profeina through a reverse transfer – coming to us directly from the client team. In her work for B2B, e-commerce and retail sectors she combines professionalism with caring and kindness. Clients looking into her eyes lose themselves in trust. Still too modest in relation to her competence, but we are working on it. She reveals her wild nature occasionally, discovering clients\’ EVPs.
Bartosz Dąbrowski
Content Ontologist
PR specialist and copywriter, but with journalistic approach. Although he says no, he really enjoys numbers. In his new technology materials, he lists data like Katie Melua does with Beijing bicycles. The expert and researcher of George Orwell works.
Grzegorz Dziegielewski
Flexible taskmaster
So focused on the target but perfect at multitasking. As a communications consultant, he creates content and media relations for technology, B2B and sustainability clients. Previously, he was a sandwich artist, designer (content, of course) and travel journalist. In the distant future wants to be a futurologist.
Maciej Mamet
A historian by passion and degree. After years of poring through miles of archives, he switched to searching for information online. Finding it, he quickly turns it into content for clients and stories for anyone who wants to listen. He also pursues his passion as a lecturer. At Profeina since 2021. Previously, among other things, he dug ditches (literally!), operated a photocopier and popularized local history.
Sophie Peck
Z-GEN Translator
Native speaker of English in our team. She is always there when language doubts need to be resolved. By virtue of belonging to the youngest generation – she explains the world, memes and youthful expressions to the older members of the team. An oceanographer by training. At Profeina, she is mainly involved in green transformation projects. After work, she enjoys going to ballet performances at the Grand Theatre and exploring the Japanese language.
Kinga Nitka
Efficient executor
An economist by training, currently pursuing a master\’s degree in E-business at Warsaw School of Economics. Which is very useful for her when servicing edu-tech and e-commerce companies. After work, she enjoys watching movies and reading crime novels. Aspiring polyglot, fluent in English and German, also learning Spanish and French. She likes to listen to travel stories and is constantly making plans for future voyages herself.

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