Paplus International

GoM_half_sheet_v1Paplus International is a team of developers and designers making mobile apps. They are the makers of Ghosts of Memories adventure puzzle game, tavaliable on the App Store, Google Play and Amazon.

What have we done:

Profeina has comunicated launch of the game and pitched tech journalists across the World about it. We were mostly focused on the USA, West Europe and some Asian countries media. We have developed creative campaigns plans, as well as keeping on relevant Media Relations.

Bearing in mind, that over 700 mobile games are launched every day on the App Store and Google Play, communication of Ghosts of Memories premiere was a massive success. We have reached such leading media, as IGN, PocketGamer, Yahoo and most important Polish ones (Gamezilla, Interia,, Chip, PC World.) That resulted in the number of game downloads.

We have also encouraged some YouTubers (over 1mln subscribers) and bloggers to shot clips about the game. We have appointed a lot of meetings wit journalists during the biggest Polish industry trade show, PGA.