The open banking platform developed by Banqup allows users to easily integrate with bank systems and obtain data from bank accounts. With Banqup you can provide services such as bank account integration, creditworthiness assessment, identity confirmation or SME support. Banqup currently allows access to banks from seven European markets – Belgium, Ireland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Poland. In this way, the platform offers access to all major European API banking standards.

Banqup also offers the TPP-as-a-service for companies for which applying for a TPP license on their own is too time-consuming or simply unnecessary. TPPaaS gives them access to aggregated banking data via the Banqup platform, which allows innovators to work on solutions using open banking quickly, without obtaining licenses and independent integrations.


  • Strategic mini-workshops
  • Creating a communication strategy
  • Cooperation with the media, preparation of press materials, arranging interviews and meetings with journalists
  • Conducting social media activities
  • Arranging attendance and service at industry events
  • Communication and marketing consulting

Cooperation from September 2019 to December 2020.


Banqup is a convenient tool for managing administrative processes in the company, dedicated for accountants. It allows you to create and deliver invoices and sign electronic documents. Banquup allows to connect any European bank account (thanks to having a license for AiS and PiS services) and make payments directly from the platform. Banqup was created by the Belgian company Unifiedpost, which, after taking over Banqware fintech in 2020, developed its invoicing system with open banking services. The bank is a fully pan-European solution for small and medium-sized enterprises, currently available in several European countries, including Netherlands, Belgium and Spain.


  • Preparing PR & social media strategy
  • Content marketing
  • Running social media channels
  • Performance marketing
  • Media Relations – cooperation with the media, preparation of press materials, arranging interviews and meetings with journalists

Cooperation from September 2021 (in progress).