BlaBlaCar is the world’s largest long-distanceOKblabla ridesharing, trusted community of drivers and passengers in 22 countries. The site and mobile apps connect people looking to travel long distances with drivers going the same way, so they can travel together and share the cost. Each passenger makes a fair contribution for their seat, and drivers cover their fuel and tolls costs but do not make a profit. The platform is engineered to create a secure, trust-based community with declared identities and full member profiles. Members can even specify how chatty they are from ‘Bla’ to ‘BlaBlaBla’ – hence the name BlaBlaCar.


Profeina has started working for BlaBlaCar 2 months after its launch in Poland. From that time we have been effectively pitching journalists about ridesharing, sharing economy and BlaBlaCar itself, reaching most influential Polish TV channels (TVN, TVP, Polsat), radio stations, daily newspapers (“Gazeta Wyborcza”, “Rzeczpospolita”, “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”), magazines (“Newsweek”, “Polityka”, “Men’s Health”) and portals (,,,,
During almost 3 years we have implemented a strategy that we had developed at the beginning of our cooperation during workshops. We have been arranging interviews and media briefings, preparing press releases, reports, creative gifts, and reacting on what is on in media.


Profeina team: full of engagement, easy-going, straight to the point and… really effective!

Michał Pawelec, Cofounder, BlaBlaCar Polska