is an international design and fashion marketplace for young, up-and-coming brands where you can buy high-end products at affordable prices directly from the designers. The company was set up in 2013. It features two thousand designers and continuously connects increasing amount of makers, designers and customers. The online platform is available in two languages and six currencies.

Public Relations services for 11 months (Sep-Jul 2014/15), including PR directed to English media, writing and distributing press releases and other kind of texts. Profeina has launched media cooperation (also from abroad) for design fair and the Report about European designers.

Profeina is a professional, committed and full of good energy team of Public Relations specialists. During almost one year cooperation with they have proved their ability of creating and maintaining valuable media relations, reacting immediately in case of any potential crises and preparing great content, as well as initiating numerous publications, both in printed and digital media. Taking it all into account, without a shadow of doubts we can recommend cooperation with them to any company.

Duc Vu Hoang, CEO