Sotrender OKsotrenderprovides you with multiple solutions to analyze and optimize the performance in social media, especially on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Instagram, as well as to check your results against the competition and execute the decisions into practice.

Building up the Sotrender’s Social Media expert image (Nov-May 2011-2012). Starting long-term cooperation with industry media. Developing, launching in media and promoting monthly “Fanpage Trends” Reports.

zajacWith full conviction I recommend Profeinas’ creative boutique services. My company has been supported in the field of PR for 7 months (2011-2012.)During that time women from Profeina professionally implemented media communication, reaching them (mostly the industry ones) and organizing conferences. They cooperated with us while preparing marketing and PR strategies. Thanks to Profeina ideas we have successfully promoted “Fanpage Trends” Reports and established cooperation with different media to popularize them. We have elaborated internal PR procedures and standards together, which we use and develop till today. Profeina activities to occur in external, not just Polish, markets, are worth highlighting. I’m very satisfied about our cooperation with Profeina. I regard that collaboration as a very good investment and recommend you their services – as I’ve already recommended to some companies from Internet industry.

Dr Jan Zając PhD, Founder and CEO, Sotrender