Zaadoptuj Faceta is an original Social Media platform, in which women has power. It reverses traditional gender roles and looks like an online store with guys.

French site was established in 2008 and gained impressive amount of 12 million users around the Globe. In Poland since 2013, it also operates in Italy, Spain, Turkey, Brazil, Argentina and others.

Profeina has been taking care of the portal since 2014 in a field of Public Relations: we’re arranging interviews in diverse media (e.g. “Glamour” women magazine, “Gazeta Wyborcza” daily,,,, cooperation with bloggers, writing and effective distribution of press releases, support in some Social Media activities and creative planning. We have also helped the portal to conduct media cooperation and rankings. That has resulted in several and regular publications and morning shows.

Working with Profeina is a real pleasure. They understood very well our clara kwadratowabrand and needs in terms of PR in Poland. They help us with the localization of our communication towards press in the most efficient way. Communicating with them on a daily basis is very easy despite the distance. I’d rather keep them for myself but they wanted me to write that recommendation…

Clara Bizien, International Marketing Manager, AdopteUnMec